Hindu - Tibetan Goddess of Knowledge and Arts

Goddess Saraswati               

Hindu goddess of learning and the arts. Saraswati is first referred to in literature as the personification of the sacred river, the Saraswati, and is also identified with Vac, the goddess of speech. In later Hinduism she is usually considered the consort of the god Brahma (the promulgator of the Veda), but she enjoys an autonomous position as the patroness of art, music, and letters. She is given legendary credit for having invented the Sanskrit language and the Devanagari script in which it is written. She is usually represented in painting and sculpture as graceful, fair (usually stark white), and dressed in white garments, riding on a swan (or goose) and holding a lute and a manuscript or book. Sarasvati is annually worshiped with great enthusiasm by students and teachers alike at the advent of spring, which in the Hindu year occurs in January-February, when her image is taken out in jubilant procession. Saraswati is also a popular goddess in Jaina and Buddhist mythology.

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The following is reprinted from the book Soft Moon Shining.


Mother of Life
I am so happy to spend my days
    roaming at the ocean's edge
        of your infinite being
    listening to the rolling surf
        as it calls the sparkling star filled sands
            to join the timeless push and pull
                of your ecstatic play

I am a beachcomber, a vagabond
    looking for a few good sea shells

Soon we will take these to the market place
    hoping that someone else
        might hold a shell to their ear
            and hear your song
                of endless love

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